Our Partnersystem

× Information! We reworked our old partner system and addet this new type of system. Everybody could sign up here to promote the site. We also addet a payout system which should be enabled within the next weeks to let you payout your earnings when you want to withdraw them.

What is this?

  • We developed a system which provide you a dashboard full of cool stuff to manage your partnership.
  • All you have to do is to bring the site new member and let them stay active on the page to earn money.
  • As partner you don't have any advantages on the site compared to every other user.
  • You'll earn money while your viewers are playing on our site.
  • You're able to test our upcomming features when we try it out on our development enviroment.
  • You need to be and stay active by promoting our site or your access to the partnersystem will be disabled.

How do i earn money with this?

  • Everytime one of your user win a pot on our site we resign a part of our fee to you we take 0-10% and you will get 10% of this fee. That means if you build an active community you always earn money without doing anything.

How to get started?

  • You can easily sign up by clicking the button below. Login again and you've access to your personal dashboard.
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